GCSE Results Day 2021…

Firstly a massive well done to everybody in education! These last two academic years have been strenous to say the least. Nevertheless, as always, educators have battled through a lack of guidance, too much guidance and incorrect guidance to guide their students to their next steps.

If you have ever been a Pupil Premium lead in your school you will know that the reporting system for the allocation of money recieved by the school has varied over the years, the funding allocation has also changed this year and so has the statutory obligations.

Over the years, since I took on this role in a previous school in 2014, I have been blogging about Pupil Premium students. I have also been collating a list of documents, research pieces and government updates since March 2014.

I have just updated that list here. Please do check it out and I hope you find it useful for your data analysis for your PP Grant Allocation.

Please remember the DfE state…

‘You are not required to publish your statement before the end of December 2021. This will enable you to take into account the needs of your new intake.’

If you are on Twitter and want to be added to a regional PP lead DM group, get in touch. I can be found on www.twitter.com/TeachLeadAAli I joint run the South East Hub.


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