Pupil Premium…(Again!)


To help any Pupil Premium/Inclusion leads out there, I have attempted to collate all relevant links to research/evidence/spotlights to effective practice.

Image Reference- The EEF Toolkit.

Hope you find them of use.

Useful information/Helpful links:

  • October 2019- A New 3 Year Template and guidance document has been released. Click here.
  • October 2019- A Research Schools Blog by Marc Rowland on the new 3 year strategy and the tiered approach. Click here.
  • September 2019- A new 3 Year Template is being created! I will add details of this as soon as it is released! Details here!
  • June 2019- EEF- Pupil Premium Guide released. Click here.
  • April 2018– House of Commons Briefing Paper- Pupil Premium. Click here.
  • February 2018- A Guide to Effective Pupil Premium Reviews by the Teaching School Council. – Click here. Includes the PP Strategy Template for Primary, Middle, Secondary and SEND schools.
  • January 2018– Service Pupil Guidance- Updated– Click here.
  • Key To Success Website- how to find out who is eligible for PP money.
  • Pupil Premium awards winners website. Click here.
  • December 2017- Closing the Attainment Gap- And EEF summary! Click here.
  • August 2017- Closing the Gap- Trends in Educational Underachivement- Click here
  • April 2017- How to Spend your PP. Click here.
  • March 2017– An Ofsted update. Click here.
  • July 2016- Education Policy Institute report on Disadvantage Gap- Click here.
  • January 2017– NFER research- The Building Block on PP success. Click here.
  • December 2016– Service Pupils Best Practice Guide by the MoD-  Click here.
  • November 2016- State of Nation Report by Social Mobility Commission. Click here. November 2017 report here.
  • September 2016– An update from the DfE on PP funding and the requirement to put in place a PP strategy as opposed to a PP statement. All information here.
  • EEF DIY evaluation tool for PP- Click here.
  • Information on Year 7 Numeracy and Literacy Catch up funding. Click here.
  • January 2016- Conditions for Grant information. Click here. (This is updated yearly.)
  • November 2015– An update from the Dfe- Click here to read a report summarising the use of Pupil Premium spending.
  • November 2015– Supporting the attainment of disadvantaged pupils: articulating success and good practice. Click here.
  • July 2015– The Sutton Trust and the EEF released a report called Pupil Premium The Next Steps. Click here.
  • January 2015– The EEF has released the Families of Schools Database. This really useful tool can provide data on similar schools to yours. It is worth checking out how others are doing in your surrounding area with the same intake as yours. Click here.
  • January 2015- DfE guidance on organising a Pupil Premium review. Click here.
  • November 2014 The Teaching Schools Council working with David Laws and John Dunford (Pupil Premium Champion) have published a guide aimed at helping school leaders evaluate their Pupil Premium spending in an evidence informed manner. Updated in Feb. 2018. See above.
  • November 2014- Teaching Schools Alliance guidance on writing a PP strategy with templates- click here.
  • September 2014 Click here to read Sir John Dunfords 10 point plan.
  • March 2014 The DfE has also published information on a review process that schools can commission themselves (using Pupil Premium funding), or be asked to commission as a result of discrepancies through an Ofsted inspection. The review itself, will look at ‘how system leaders can help schools improve how they spend their pupil premium budget.’ Information can be found here.
  • March 2014– Unseen Children Report by Ofsted. Read here.
  • March 2014– Making the best use of Teaching Assistants. Click here.
  • Here is a useful document too by Oxford University Press! Along with this old document published by the DFE- includes the top 10 Gap Busters!


@mrsspalding has set up a Pupil Premium lead DM group on Twitter- get in touch with her, if you want in!



  1. I was in the lecture hall at Durham when the research paper about TA value-for-money was presented. The hiss of horror around the room is something I’ll never forget. A lot of TAs-turning-teachers were appalled.

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