What’s your WHY?

A couple of weeks ago I delivered an assembly to Year 7 students about being the best they can be. Immediately after this I was tasked with delivering an ‘inspirational keynote’ speech to NQTs at a Teaching School Alliance. I presented to both groups the exact same message. The same slides, the same examples. In fact, it was identical.

I then began to wonder, maybe this message can be posed to any member of any profession, irrespective of their experience or current level within the organisation.

My message was actually a question…

I asked the audience, what is their why?

  • Why do they want to do well/Work hard?
  • Why should they succeed?
  • Why should they do their best?
  • Why should they never give up?

Whats your why

I did not try to give them answers, but instead I just showed them my reasons, why… I shared with them a little about me to show them why I am doing, will do and have done.

This was based on when…

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.36.29.png

It left me feeling extremely confused. I began to wonder, have we been doing this all wrong for all this time? Have we got this inspirational, motivational, boosting students up thing, wrong? I, think, so…

So, allow me to just say the following to you, as it doesn’t matter what I have written here, until you find your why, maybe you won’t fully achieve what you really, truly, can. Because, truthfully, hard work beats talent. (Cough- Leicester Football Club!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.42.59.png
Here is the assembly I presented:




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  1. Assembly no longer available, Amjad? I like the post, though. Am just catching up with my reading pile!

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