I am officially writing a book!

A little while ago, I signed and returned a book contract to Crownhouse Publishing. I met up with the team stupidly excited and asked,

Can I share this information? Can I let the world know that I am actually writing a book?

The response was a simple, yes, please do! So, I tweeted this out.

I was overwhelmed with the amounts of congratulation tweets I received. Thank you to all of you that did. It means a lot.

However, I wanted this blog post to simply give you a little bit more information about my book, without revealing too much.

My book will be aimed at equipping teachers in any either primary, secondary or further education with ideas they can simply, try, refine and use in their classrooms. This may sound like a little scatter gun approach, however, I am confident that anybody sharing ideas should always have their idea taken, personalised and then put into their own context.

As Dylan Williams states;

Something works somewhere, not everything works everywhere.

I will also be writing a little about my views on these activities and explaining how, through experience of mine and others they have worked in the classroom. I want to keep the book simple; a little toolkit of inspiration for the ever increasing tired teacher.

As I say in INSETs/TeachMeets I deliver in, these are just ideas, thoughts, suggestions, if you don’t like them, don’t use them!

For those regular users of my toolkit you may have noticed I have not been placing many new ideas recently. It is because I am saving a few of them for the book. As there will be ideas I have not shared before in there!

*Big surprise will be revealed with my toolkit upon my book release too!*

I will also be contacting guest posters to ask whether I can share their amazing ideas within my book too. I believe in the premise of my toolkit- for educators, by educators.

The book is intended to be ready by early new year. (January 2017).

My book will be a pit stop, a checkpoint, a pick and mix of tried and tested ideas, activities, strategies and suggestions for any type of educator in any phase or state of their careers!

However, I did also want to say that I never once, ever thought that I would become a published author one day. I did not ever think that my views, ideas and ramblings on education would be printed in their hundreds(?) and sold around the country. I never thought that I would have my book alongside distinguished educators like @ICTEvangelist- Mark Anderson, @JohnTomsett- John Tomsett, @Shaun_allison- Shaun Allison, @Philbeadle- Phil Beadle to name but a few!

I never imagined I would be approached by other publishing companies too and be ‘highly recommended’ by people such as @RealDCameron- David Cameron and Sir Tim Brighouse!

I am still, completely blown away, still completely thinking Crownhouse must have made a mistake here somewhere and still completely over the moon by one thing mainly, which is, I think and I hope that I have made my mum proud, I have made my Dad feel like him dedicating his entire life to his children was worth it.

I can’t do what the first generation economic immigrants did when they came to this country in the 60s. I will never be able to replicate their work ethic, their tenacity and resilience. But, I can do things to say thank you.

Thank you Mum and thank you dad. Even, if I only sell one copy, giving that printed book to them will make it all worth it.

I am also super proud that I will be joining an amazingly small pool of BAME educators that have had their books published.






  1. Well done Amjad for being you and expressing humility whilst you do so. God bless you and your book – would be great to share ideas and passion for improving the education system.
    Best wishes Omita

  2. It’s really great news and this is such a lovely post. Sure the book will be a great read, that your parents and family will be very proud and I look forward to recieving my signed copy in the post, haha. Well done, Amjad. Nice one.

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