Behaviour ‘Management’

Over the years I have had many discussions around what is effective behaviour management. I have received and led on many sessions around what this might entail. One of the biggest debates which is still very much at the forefront of lots of thinking is whether poor behaviour is as a result of an unmet need of some sort.

I firmly believe clear, high quality instructions and expectations benefit everybody in an organisation. It ultimately boils down to school policy and quality first teaching.

Below is a training session I delivered on Behaviour ‘Management’ strategies and tips. I have put management in inverted speech marks as I feel EVERY single one of interactions is a management tip and strategy.

Feel free to use the PowerPoint below, tweak to your benefit and share with your colleagues. I have some links to further reading in the notes section of the PowerPoint.

Also check out this blog I wrote about Routines for Learning…

Download PowerPoint here—>Behaviour


Some images from the PowerPoint are below. (Not in order!)


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