But what exactly is Ramadan?


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Well, it is  nearly that time again, in just under a month, Ramadan will begin for approximately 1.6 billion Muslims globally… In England, we will have to fast for up to 15-16 hours a day. Without any food or drink. At all.

So what? What’s it got to do with you?

The recent massacre of 52 souls in New Zealand, where these innocent attendees of Friday prayer at their local mosque were shot down by a far right, extremist, terrorist. Saw a massive spike in Islamphobic activity across the world. Millions responded to this event with kindness and love however, many did not.

There have been  a number of devastating terror attacks over the last few years where several, despicable, animals; suicide attackers/bombers, who refer to themselves as Muslims have again, done more damage to the faith of Islam. Therefore, I feel it is even more important for ‘us’ ‘all’ to stick together. Terrorism aims to divide and split us, love unites us.

I wrote a blog about it, after the Paris attacks in 2015, and I have had to retweet this statement, many times since then… I am truly at a loss with how confused the world is right now.

So how can you get involved? How can you Share Ramadan with me? Look at the video below, created by http://shareramadan.com … Easy huh?

But, why should we get involved? What about you? I hear you say…

Around 9 years ago, I was lucky enough to be selected on a TIDP programme. The Teacher International Development Programme. We travelled to Michigan, USA. On arrival, Saturday evening, our lead, a devote Christian offered the group to attend Church with him the next morning. I immediately asked if I could attend, as a Muslim. He was delighted. I loved experiencing his faith, his commitment and his devotion. I love being involved. I get a real sense of enjoyment and happiness getting involved with others, seeing what they are about, spiritually. So, if I can do anything you do, within the confines of my faith, please do ask, I would be delighted…

So, can I ask you to #ShareRamadan with me?

If you are interested then please do fill in this Google Doc.

Last year over 50 people SHARED RAMADAN with me and other colleagues!

@LisaCook81 fasted the entire RAMADAN, again!

What a SHEro.


Why the Google Doc?

It will allow me to send you a thank you gift. It would be my pleasure to do so. If you are close enough, let me take you out with others to break your fast with you?

When a colleague of mine did this at my school a couple of years ago, my mother prepared him food to eat to break his fast. Needless to say, the taste of authentic homemade Pakistani food made him want to fast again!

The gift will not be massive, but it will be a heartfelt thank you for choosing to share my faith with me, one day, or more, its the thought and effort you have shown me, a stranger.

Could you also let me know by Tweeting/messaging/commenting when you will be fasting, so I can check in on you?

But, again, why? Why should you bother?

I wrote an article for Schools Week Newspaper on why here. I asked as educator how can we support students during the holy month of Ramadan. I mention in this article about why it is important not to judge when a student can fast. I also talk about how difficult it truly is. Would you understand, without trying?

So, will you stand with me? Share Ramadan with me? Get involved in showing the world, we are all united, not divided?

Let me know…

Here is a ready to use assembly to explain to your students- What is Ramadan! Please use!


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