The only… in town…?

A week or so ago, I had a bit of a brain wave… I know its hard to imagine! However, as I will be going Freelance from Easter 2017 till September 2017, I began to think about how I can support and help other schools and students with a little more time on my hands.

It continually plays on my mind about how some students do not get to experience the wonderful joys of ‘others.’ Be it different races, ethnicities, nationalities or religion. Some places, are simply, mono-cultural. Being one of the Co-founders of #BAMEed, I do talk about diversity a lot. We are currently in the process of organising our first conference themed around Unconscious Bias, on the 3/6/17. Click here to read more!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 19.38.04

Living in the South East of England working in Oxford, I take it for granted how I can always, simply pop out for a Syrian Coffee, followed by an Italian Icecream and so on… How I can interact with many different faces in different places. I can hear many languages and watch the beauty of difference.

So, what is the point of this blog…

Jaz Ampaw-Farr, Allana Gay and I, Amjad Ali would like to visit your school! (I am sure others will want to visit too!)

We want to come to your school if/or…

  • You work in a rural community

  • You work in a coastal community

  • You work in a mono-cultural school

So if your students are from a majority White British background and would naturally and normally not get to interact with other cultures, then let us come and visit!

We want to…

  • Run an assembly

  • Hold a meet and greet

  • Question and Answer session

We will not be…

  • Dressing students up in African headdresses, or Saris and eating Jerk Chicken or Somosas!

Are you interested? There are some requirements…

We will need your school to cover cost of travel/expenses. However, we would be happy to stay with teachers and bunk down on sofas! After all, we will be coming to your school for free!

However, you may wish to then book us in for a Twilight training session? Or double the day up? 1/2 and 1/2… (There is no obligation to do this and this is NOT the intention of this project.)

Fill in the form below and we will get in touch!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 19.47.57

I can’t wait to visit and share our experiences to broaden your students experiences!

Get in touch…!

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