I wonder…

Earlier I posed the following Twitter Poll.

How would you answer the question?

Is it the amount of marking you have to do? The exercise books, assessments/mock papers? Or is it the amount of meetings you have to sit through? Procedural drivel? Or, is it, dealing with behaviour? Or, is it other things?

I then began to wonder…

If we did not have to do those things that make us super busy at work, what would we do instead? With our time?

Now, some of you could say, simply, TEACH?

But, what would that be? What would that include? How would you do it, differently if you weren’t so busy?

Finally, my last thought,

If you had admin support, what would you ask them to do for you?

Please comment below with your answers? Or drop me a tweet! www.twitter.com/astsupportaali 





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