Dear Year 11…

*UPDATED Dec. 2016*

I am in charge of ‘Inclusion’ in my school. Which means I have the extremely fortunate position of having some control over the SEND budget and Pupil Premium Grant budgets. This means, I work extremely closely with the school business manager, other members of SLT and our inclusion link Governor to ensure that the most in need students needs are met.

My rationale is underpinned by the fact that I believe firmly in equity over equality. Meaning, I will not treat every student the same. I will treat them like individuals. Where possible, I will try to fill the void, remove the obstacle and ‘level the playing field’ so to speak.

So last Christmas, I gave all Year 11 disadvantaged students (not just Pupil Premium) a box of gifts. I will give them this irrespective of their faith or culture.

(We have another scheme for lower years…)

This year, I will be doing this again; see below for the contents.

The gift box will include:

  • A pack of 100 multicoloured flashcards- These were used throughout the year and many students came to see me to get more to help with their revision
  • A pack of highlighters
  • A clear pencil case, with a ruler, rubber, sharpner, protractor, compass, pens and pencils- used for their mocks, or stored away for the GCSE exams
  • A scientific calculator- Maths also supply these
  • An A5 note pad- Not included in this years pack
  • A colouring in book- They really enjoyed this! Mindfulness?
  • Post it notes
  • Masking tape/Blu tac- We provide this to help put up revision notes?
  • An information sheet with teachers contact details- email addresses and website addresses along with important passwords reminders- We simply signpost where this is on the website now!
  • A ticket to ask for an exam desk to take home, to work on, to fold away once done
  • A wireless wifi dongle/loan laptop- (selected students)
  • A voucher for a reading book- (selected students)
  • A box of chocolates/packet of sweets
  • Two blank christmas cards
  • A cinema voucher (selected students)
  • Revision guides- Eng/Maths/Sciene (These have already been given out)
  • A revision booklet- information on how to deal with stress/anxiety
  • An alarm clock
  • A plastic water bottle- Not this year!

What would you give your Year 11 students? What should I also give?

If anybody is wondering how do we explain to students that they are receiving these items? What do others think? Do they feel segregated? Well, no, we tell all our Pupil Premium Students that they are PP students- we call them Premier Pupils and list to them what they could be entitled to and what we will aim to do to support them. More information on our School website about this!

What I have previously provided but have learnt through student voice that it was not valued/needed or useful…

  • A bag with the school logo on
  • An A4 note pad
  • A memory stick


Many thanks for reading.

Tweet me your responses or comment below?


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