My End of Year Messages- Tweetables, by @ASTSupportAAli


After #TMEnfield last night, at the very swanky Forty Hall, I have one TeachMeet left to be a keynote in- #TMBerkshire on the 7th of July. This will be alongside Sir Tim Brighouse and @VicGoddard. (How did I blag that!?) Attending as many TeachMeets as I do, presenting, watching and learning I have picked up many ideas. Lots of friends and amazing contacts. The kind words that are passed on from educator to educators is the corner stone to our profession. We are all MORE THAN JUST TEACHERS. This was my presentation from last night, I called it ‘Tweetables.’ If you read this, please share the messages as tweets. Please talk about the messages and please agree or disagree with me. These are my end of year messages.

Slide01 Slide02

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I am a big believer of trying things out! My whole toolkit is based on this principle. I do however believe in Keeping It Simple. I like the phrase by PIXL, having a laser like focus on things. Nevertheless I do think, creativity is paramount to be an educator! I wrote a chapter about creativity in the amazing Don’t Change The LightBulbs book! Also, I have written about the concept Trying, Refining and Ditching here!

Slide05 I have written lots of blogs about this, about differentiation, or stretch and challenge and so on. To put it even simpler terms, Do Not Assume and know your students, not just students. I have written about the idea of having a SPOT Folder which details all the needs of your students in your classes. Along with knowing exactly what Some of the difficulties your students face daily. I spoke about contextualising research and ideologies to your settings. This is vital! Do you realise this?


I fundamentally believe that getting a student to achieve in a classroom, alongside their peers, is simply the best, most cost effective and affective ‘thing’ any school/educational establishment can do for a child. It is better than any intervention. I have written about this here and about interventions here.

Slide06 This quote is from the man himself, Bear Grylls! I love him! I think it holds so much truth. Do you show how much you care? Are you appreciative? Say thanks in public and ‘scorn’ in private? I have written about some ways to show you care here! Slide07

I truly believe that if you are inclusive, you would just be it and not have to shout about it. You wouldn’t need to discuss how to be it and you definitely wouldn’t need to think about how to make sure you are it. I have adapted a checklist here and would love for you to reflect on your position? It is not perfect, but starts a discussion at least? Slide09 This message revolves around the idea that relationships are the bedrock to children. It is about language being the foundation to any type of bond/link and connectivity to our students. I have written about motivation here. Also, I have talked about relationships here! At #TMEnfield I posed the questions for educators to reflect on, if a student or teacher claims to dislike a student, then why? What has broken down? I also shared how frustrating it is when a teacher says…

Oh, well they are fine for me!!

Do you get close enough to see how brightly your students are shining?


Please remember, differentiation is anything you do that helps students learn. It is not, different objectives for each child. It is not All, Most, Some. It is not Must, Should, Could. It is as old as teaching itself. It is your voice, your body language, your care. It is knowing your students. It is you. Search on my toolkit for many examples! 

Please note the spelling mistake! *Counsellor!


Yesterday at school, we learnt a student passed away. He drowned. I was all of the above. Alternating, minute by minute depending on the student. When this slide ended my presentation I stopped speaking rather abruptly, as emotions hit me. They hit me HARD. I did not want others to see me cry. I walked off stage. Sat down, walked out and I cried in the toilet. I cried because, it was immensely difficult holding it in the whole day. So when I tweet, every Monday morning, with the same annoying tweet, it is because I believe it. You should do too.

We are more than just teachers. 


  1. So sorry to hear about the death of one of the school’s students, Amjad – it’s the hardest thing school communities ever have to deal with.

    Thanks for sharing your end of year thoughts – and for all your posts this academic year. Hope you manage a good rest and plenty of time with those you care about this summer.

  2. You are truly right, it is all about the kids and we are so much more that just subject teachers. We have to remember that especially when it feels like it’s all about the results and the grades. I was at TMEnfield last week andthanksfor your keynote, truly touching.

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