Full Teaching Load… by @ASTSupportAali

I think it is amazing what teachers do, day in day out. Teachers, I salute you!

In this short blog I would like to explore what teaching a class fully entails. My understanding is that the recommended PPA time for all teachers in England and Wales should be 10% off a full teaching timetable. Therefore if your school has a 50 hour per fortnight timetable, that would mean you would be teaching a total of 45 hours. Leaving you with 5 hours of PPA a fortnight!

(Obviously, if you hold additional responsibilities more time off from a full teaching load is provided. This is very personal however to the school you are in.)

What is needed to be done in order to successfully teach a class:

  • Planning

    – thinking up activities and questions. Being creative with your approach and being able to personalise any provision for students of all abilities and needs. Along with planning for additional adults in the classroom or maybe for our students who are still on roll but not in the classroom

  • Learning

    – refining, updating and reminding yourself about the content that needs to be taught. Or learning new content for the ever changing curriculum. Or learning about the various different needs students have

  • Preparation

    – creating the resources to coincide with your planning- see bit.ly/agilitytoolkit for some ideas!

  • Marking

    checking and reading student class/home work and recall tests. This helps inform planning and data entry

  • Feedback

    – providing students advice and guidance on how to improve their work, or correcting any misconceptions. Either orally or through writing. Along with providing praise and affirmation

  • Communication

    – getting in touch with other teachers, heads of years, tutors, parents/carers for both positive and negative areas. Along with providing emotional support and guidance to some students and colleagues!

  • Catch up/Interventions

    – planning, preparing and running any after school sessions for students to catch up due to various reasons-

  • Report writing

    – carrying out our legal obligation of providing a once a year report detailing the progress and current working at grades. This may be more than once a year if your schools ask for it! Also providing information for Children Looked After- or SEND for annual/termly reports/reviews/Personal Education Plans

  • Entering Data

    assessment point/tracking points data entry based on current working at grades or entering predicted grades. This could be for internal data collection only

  • Any more? Please do leave a comment…

Aside from the above… All teachers have to do many other things to be a part of a school community.

I guess the simple aim of this blog is to highlight that I think teachers are superhuman because they do all of the above (and more), per class, every day.

Thank you Teachers!

Check out #TwitterHonours and #WhenINeedHelpIGoTo!




  1. Clubs, trips, cross-curricular projects, in-house training (delivering and attending), did you mention the tutor group? Peer coaching and observation, attending events where our students are participating (plays, concerts etc), break and lunch duties, meetings in “frees”, and the list could go on….
    Yet despite all this, because of all this, it is the best job in the world. Teachers are awesome 🙂 Well done Amjad for reminding us, and the world, of how much we do.

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