Week five- @ASTSupportaali

Week 5 has including open mornings, another whole school evening event, an internal interview process, a training course and of course the usual AHT ‘stuff!’


Can we meet?

I mentioned in a previous post how fantastic my electronic outlook web calendar/diary is! It has been synced to my iPad and phone. However, what is also great about it is that others in my school can click on my calendar and see when I say, ‘sorry, can we meet then instead of…’ that I am genuinely busy/otherwise engaged.

They can also send me a direct invitation for a meeting at a time slot that I am free.

Anyhow… still having lots of meetings- getting used to regular ones and making them a lot more to the point. Meetings are also nice to ‘switch’ off with the attendee for 5 minutes. A time to share or ‘moan bond’ like I call it. I love that term- moan bond! How many of you do it?!


Making a Difference:

This week included the annual Making a Difference Supper. I will take charge of this next year!

My mind is already filled with tons of ways I want to run the evening. It is a chance for all Pupil Premium students to attend 3 short talks by English, Maths and Science. Parents and families are welcomed with a free buffet and at each of the talks, free revision guides and help sheets are distributed. I had the pleasure of escorting a group of students and parents around the talks. It gave me a chance to see the core subjects in action, meet the HODs again and see how they interact and engage with the parents and students; out of hours so to speak. Being an after school evening event, I again made sure I said well done and thank you to all staff staying behind.

I guess at these events, being a member of SMT or SLT as we call it, It is important to go and say hello to ALL parents, not just like I previously may have done- which was speak to the parents of students I know/taught or LIKED!


Open Mornings:

This time of year is when most schools up and down the country host their annual open evenings and open mornings, being involved at the front end of things was different this time round. Usually, I eagerly awaited the parents walking past my classroom in the hope they would enter and see how inspired and engaged my students were. This time, it was about being welcoming, warm and most importantly human to the parents. Letting them know if their children came to our school they would be ‘looked after.’ It is amazing how far some free tea, coffee and biscuits can go. After all, you never get anything for nothing these days do you…? I have really enjoyed how hands on the Head has been in all the events I have spoke about. She is always engaging, always smiling, always warm and most importantly won’t ask you to do anything she wouldnt do herself! I respect that.



Being involved in an internal interview process was surreal, having discussions with the Head and Deputy so soon after I had my interview had me cringing thinking, would they/did they say that about me? I hope I wasn’t that bad… but then I thought, I am sat here, having secured the job- So I can’t have been that bad!! *PHEW*

Giving feedback to the candidates about who has progressed to the next stage was a great learning experience, listening and looking at reactions of people is a skill that I think every senior leader should have- which links to my last weeks rant about humour and personality. It is all about reading the situation and knowing your ‘audience…’ I think!!


Training Courses and Deadlines:

I also managed to fit in a training course during the week, which was helpful- in particular looking at association issues and how to break a student out of a cycle of shame but moving them towards a feeling of guilt! Interesting… more to follow on this I think…



Even though my teaching ‘load’ is ligher, I am still struggling to find time to fit everything in! I am still to do performance management of my team members, still to mark some 6 mark questions and still to put up some engaging/inspirational posters in my office! But, yet I have found time to write this… I guess I should refer to a previous post of mine about what is urgent and important!!

But, I am finding more work is being done at school and less at home, I am forcing myself to switch off at home and finding myself knowing when to stop… in my last school- I didn’t think this was possible… I think what was missing was just me saying STOP. 

p.s- I played Football!!!



Thanks for reading again, if you managed to put up with my ramblings for this long…and if you have any feedback do leave a comment!




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