Week two – ASTSupportaali


Week 2!

Now that really did fly by! One word sums up my second week as an assistant head, and thats MEETINGS!

Just to make my life even more difficult I enrolled on the National Award for SEN this week at Oxford Brookes University and I am now officially a UNI student again, at my former UNI! I have decided this is what I would like to do my masters in too…


After finalising my timetable and having my outlook calendar updated by adding in my lessons and my regular meeting times, my break duties, lunch rota, DT rota, late gate etc. I realised I do not actually have much time in the school day at all. Hence why we do not teach as much as I would LIKE to.

I must say that the outlook calendar is amazing- synced with my Ipad and Iphone! Really does mean I no longer need a hard copy diary!


I seem to be forever writing lists! I have recently discovered Evernote and realised the massive potential of it in organising my time and notes and making sure they are all stored in one easily accessible place! Recommended! Writing daily lists of things to do used to be productive for me; but now my lists contain things to achieve and chipping away at them is more productive than ticking off maybe somewhat frivolous tasks.

I have also learnt that reading every email and responding to every request just simply isnt achievable. I have to prioritise tasks and for me, that is difficult. I do not want to ignore anyone or not do something, but I think it is completely right to pick things to do properly rather than doing lots of things half heartedly.


Face to face:

Emails are great! We all love to send details via email- however, another thing I have learnt this week is face to face conversations have more of an impact! I have made this a priority; to go and speak to people to gauge their response, to judge the timescale based on their conversation. I feel this is vital. It also shows you are human and not just hiding behind a computer screen.


Being new to the role and being new to the school everyone is anticipating change, anticipating me to do something different; I am planning change- but not for changes sake- only if it will make a difference. An IMPACT. I am very keen not to rush- not to jump into things without assessing both positives and negatives. I think it is important to not be too eager to please but to assess everything for yourself. Judging from your own perception and observation- listening to others but being confident of your own evaluation is a must.


Every day is a duty day- but I am really enjoying it; meeting new students and showing my face around the school. I think it is really empowering. I would suggest any new AHT/SMT to relish these ‘duties’ and turn them into positives. See them as a networking opportunity with the most important people in school!


Like Jamie started his blog off this week, I will end mine with the same thing- I do not know where the week has gone! Although I have already tasted two late nights in a row- one being Year 7 Parent/Tutor meet- once of those evenings where I have no direct involvement. However, being SMT I am obliged to attend.


This friday is the weekly staff tea- It is the SLTs turn- I have baked a practice cake! (Kelly- my fiancé made it really!) and I am continuing to play staff football. I must say the Head has been so supportive and helpful- coming into my office this friday at 3.15 and said ‘…right, go home!’ Work life balance is like I keep on saying really important! Even though, I do find myself sleeping much earlier these days- the commute is not easy, but I am enjoying the job nonetheless.

Also being voted as the smartest dressed member of SMT now means my shirts have to be ironed to perfection- even more so than normal! So much PRESSURE.



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